Now recognize depth of objects with 3D Cuboid annotation from 2D and build a ground truth datasets for 3D perception on the objects of interest.

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Real-World Scenario for Autonomous Vehicle

Train your computer vision model with annotated 3D objects from 2D images and videos to detect precise dimension of vehicle and its movement for self-driving cars. Our 3D cuboid annotation services helps self-driving model to understand the real-world scenario. Such cars can sense the distance of each object from the vehicle and measure the spacing.  

3D cuboid annotation services
3d cuboid for object recognition

Precise Distribution of Varied Indoor Objects

Using the 3D annotated images, build the model perception for recognizing the indoor objects captured by 2D cameras. Our 3D cuboid shape images enables you to train your computer vision model with better in-depth object detection. Indoor objects like couch and other furnitures can be annotated with best quality and precision of pixels.

3D Cuboid Annotation Services for Robotics

3D cuboid annotation is used to train robotics in various industries like automotive and warehousing with better perception model that work nonstop without human interference. The images captured from 2D cameras can be annotated with 3D cuboid annotation making it perceptible for robots and drones imagery used into various fields.

3D Cuboid Annotation for Robotics
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Get the best-in-class quality services with highest accuracy level delivering an excellence in image annotation through multiple stages of auditing and reviewing of labeled data.

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We are certified with SOC 2 TYPE 1 Company for maintaining the high standards of data security with privacy while working with our clients to ensure their confidentiality.

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Working with hundreds of workforce to annotate pictures as per the demand providing a completely scalable solution with turnaround time to meet the different client’ needs.

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Image annotation outsourcing to us means our clients get a cost-effective data labeling service helping them to minimize the cost of their project with best efficiency.

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