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We annotate & label data for machine learning.
We process language & moderate text.
We develop AI training data for computer vision systems.

As a full-stack workforce solution provider, Anolytics has been hailed as one of the top AI training data developers with a knack for data annotation, labeling, and natural language processing (NLP). The AI development lifecycle needs the AI training data for teaching machine learning models, computer vision systems, and AI algorithms the necessary automation inputs. Anolytics specializes in developing high-quality AI training data through sorting, filtering, and segmenting raw datasets, i.e., unstructured images, videos, texts, and audio data.

Founded by a pool of data enthusiasts in 2018, Anolytics has established its offices in the USA and India. We are incredibly proud of our team of over 1200+ in-house experts with diverse specialties in data processing, i.e., data collection, cleaning & profiling, enriching, annotating & labeling, and training and validation. Anolytics is recognized for its high-quality, cost-effective, and timely training data delivery with an output accuracy exceeding 99.99%.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Anolytics envision to be of immense help to industries unfold the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) with its expertise in analyzing large volumes of unstructured data. Outsourcing the data work to our experts can help our patrons shift their focus to what matters most to them, i.e., deploying the algorithms and AI training data methodologies into their machine learning models, applications, and automated systems that lead to accomplishment.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Anolytics has been an incredible aid for automating business & industrial processes with AI integration across an array of industries, e.g., manufacturing, food, healthcare, travel, real estate, entertainment, retail & e-commerce, logistics & transportation, and banking & financial services. Our mission is to provide businesses with the needful backing of high-quality and precision-bound AI training data optimized through our data annotation and labeling expertise.


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