Audio & Speech Data Annotation Services

Developing and optimizing AI training data by acquiring, creating, annotating, and validating audio datasets for automatic speech recognition systems

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Speech & Audio Annotation

Speech & Audio Annotation

With high-quality speech & audio annotation services from Anolytics, you can scale your AI models and ensure model flexibility in hundreds of languages, dialects, demographics, expressions, speakers, environments, and scenarios. The audio data annotation and labeling experts at Anolytics know what it takes to capture the audio & speech samples you need for any AI-enabled audio application/device or speech recognition system.

Audio & Speech Data Collection

Enhance voice-enabled machine learning software by gathering and measuring multilingual audio samples. Working with Anolytics brings you access to well-qualified linguists, native speakers, and experienced project managers who promise model-specific audio and speech data collection through streamlined audio data outsourcing. The audio and speech data we collect can be used for a variety of purposes depending upon the use case and data relevance.

Audio & Speech Data Collection
Audio and Speech Data Transcription

Audio and Speech Data Transcription

Using our transcription services, you can reach a wider audience. There are two types of verbatim transcription: intelligent verbatim transcription (also called clean verbatim transcription or clean read transcription) and strict verbatim transcription, which captures every spoken word without editing. Besides standard transcription, our services include multilingual audio, speaker identification, and time stamping.

Speech and Audio Data Classification

We provide audio classification services for collecting and categorizing audio samples. Audio files can be annotated quickly based on your project specifications, including acoustic data classification and sales call analysis. We can also classify files based on broader criteria, such as recording quality, background noise, speaker intent, music versus no music, conversational topics, speaker languages, dialects, and the number of speakers, in addition to audio and speech annotation.

Speech and Audio Data Classification

Multilingual Audio Data Services

In addition to providing voice & sound annotation, we bring forth multilingual audio data annotation services to power up automated audio and speech recognition models. Our language-inclined audion data services are available for Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, and other languages, Anolytics boasts an in-house community of highly skilled and specialized language professionals to serve you with multilingual audion data services.

Anolytics — Your Best Bet for Audio & Speech Data Annotation

In addition to audio transcription and collection requirements, Anolytics is known to provide AI-based audio application and speech recognition system manufacturers with model-specific audio and speech data annotation services. Anolytics is an out-of-the-league annotation expert in the AI and machine learning space, particularly in audio and speech data processing. Count on us for your audio data requirements — we are at the forefront of the competition in terms of quality, cost of services, and timely delivery.

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