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Developing and optimizing AI training data by acquiring, creating, annotating, and validating audio datasets for automatic speech recognition systems

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Key Features of Our Audio Annotation Services

High-quality Speech & Audio Annotation Services to Scale your AI Models


Scale your AI Models To Ensure Model Flexibility

Our high-quality speech & audio annotation services helps you scale your AI models ensuring flexibility in hundreds of languages, dialects, demographics, expressions, speakers, environments, and scenarios. Our audio data annotation and labeling experts know what it takes to capture the audio & speech samples you need for any AI-enabled live audio application/device or speech recognition system.


Audio & Speech Data Collection

Enhance voice-enabled machine learning software by gathering and measuring multilingual audio samples. We bring you access to well-qualified linguists, native speakers, and experienced project managers who promise model-specific audio tool and speech data collection through streamlined audio data outsourcing. The audio and speech data we collect can be used for a variety of purposes depending upon the use case and data relevance.


Audio and Speech Data Transcription

We help you reach a wider audience. We offer two types of verbatim transcription: intelligent verbatim transcription (also called clean verbatim transcription or clean read transcription) and strict verbatim transcription, which captures every spoken word without editing. Besides standard transcription, our services include multilingual audio, speaker identification, and time stamping.


Speech and Audio Data Classification

We offer audio classification services for collecting and categorizing audio samples. Audio files can be annotated quickly based on your project specifications including acoustic data classification and sales call analysis. We can also classify files based on a broader criteria like recording quality, background noise, speaker intent, music versus no music, conversational topics, speaker languages, dialects, and the number of speakers, in addition to audio and speech annotation.

Stages in Audio Annotation

Sound Annotation or Labeling

Sound Annotation or Labeling

We identify and classify sounds like speech, background noise, and music using AI audio labeling tools and manual methods. We specialize in tagging sounds with accurate labels to enable users to search through audio recordings and locate sounds easily. Through our sound labeling expertise, producers and editors can quickly find the sounds they require saving themselves both time and money.

Event Tracking

This involves using both software and human expertise to analyze and annotate audio recordings. The audio recordings are then segmented into events so that they can be identified quickly and accurately by users. Audio recordings can be analyzed with annotations to track specific events, investigate suspicious or criminal activities, or monitor communication networks.

Event Tracking
Speech-to-Text Transcription

Speech-to-Text Transcription

Audio annotation offers additional context and information for speech-to-text transcription by describing the audio. Factors like speaker’s gender, age, and accent, along with background noise levels are considered while processing speech or podcast annotations. The speech-to-text system can better understand audio with an annotated transcription if the annotations are done properly.

Audio Classification

This involves assigning appropriate labels to audio recordings based on their content which may include descriptors like genre, artist, emotion, and sentiment. It is a manual process, but AI-powered audio labeling tools can automate the process. Data annotation experts should be employed for accurate audio classification since annotating audio is a labor-intensive task.

3D Cuboid Annotation

Audio Annotation Use Cases

Science and Technology
Science and Technology

We are here to offer affordable and secure audio annotation for user interviews, research, conferences and other industry requirements.

Media and Entertainment
Media and Entertainment

We offer audio annotation for OTT and online music platforms. We enable our customers to resolve issues instantly and enjoy music without any hassles.

Security and Surveillance
Security and Surveillance

We use AI with properly trained audio annotation for security & surveillance systems to spot potential threats and detect various sounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Artificial intelligence is needed for any system to comprehend human speech or voice. The vast volume of audio or speech data needed for training these systems require them to undergo a labeling process than being directly ingested.

1. Time-consuming: Audio annotation takes up a lot of time as it’s performed manually. AI models that are able to transcribe or label audio data instantly lack accuracy. They still aren’t capable of tackling varied aspects of speech data.

2. Expertise: Native language experts are required for annotating and labeling data. Experienced people are required for labeling it as speech data is complex in nature.

3. Requires an Annotation Platform: Right tools are necessary for performing tasks on audio files including segmentation, transcription, speaker identification, filler words, speech labelling, intent annotation and sentiment annotation.

4. Crowd Management: With the growing AI ecosystem, working on different varieties of audio annotation projects in various languages will become a necessity. In such cases, collaboration will become a necessity.

5. Quality of Data: Annotating audio files which have heavy background noise, bilingual speakers, etc. is a complicated task, so having a varied speech dataset for building robust AI is a necessity.

Audio annotation has different applications. These include organization of audio files, improving searchability to make it easy to find specific parts of an audio recording. Also, annotations allow for creating transcripts or subtitles for video recordings. All in all, audio annotations are necessary to train and develop speech recognition systems including virtual assistants, chatbots, security systems with speech recognition, etc.

Audio annotation services assists in carrying out tasks in an independent fashion as per commands. Machine learning models can identify speech, dialect, sounds and pronunciation via audio annotation services. It is a time-consuming and laborious task for businesses.

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