How AI in Security Cameras Provide best Security Surveillance Solutions?

Published on Thursday April 15, 2021 3 min read By Anolytics
How AI in Security Cameras Provide best Security Surveillance Solutions?

Public security and surveillance is becoming more important with the increase of crime and threats from illegal activities globally. But thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI) the public safety is becoming more expedient with security cameras that keep an eye on various activities and providing effective security and surveillance solutions.

AI security cameras are playing a significant role in making public safety possible with computer vision-enabled monitoring system to security surveillance departments. From smart cities to hospitals and residential areas, AI cameras are installed to recognize the face of people, their actions and monitor unusual activities.

Similarly, there are many areas where AI cameras are playing a significant role in improving the security surveillance system. Here we are going to discuss the role of AI camera in computer vision-based security surveillance in various fields.

Object Detection at Public Places

The most important role of the AI camera in computer vision is capable to detect the objects visible in the natural environment. And these security cameras can detect the objects including humans, vehicles, buildings, animals and any kind of other objects visible around us.

To monitor the activities of these objects, AI cameras installed at public places providing an advanced security surveillance system. From crowd detection to traffic movement even in the dark, night vision cameras can detect various things precisely.

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Public Safety at Residential Societies

With the help of machine learning algorithms, computer vision-enabled AI cameras can be trained to detect various things visible in our natural surroundings. People living in their residential societies or working in office campus, all can be monitored with AI cameras.

It helps to keep the living environment safer for people allowing them to live a threat-free life. At healthcare centres, AI helping to detect people not following the guidelines like not wearing the mask or keeping a distance from each other. Similarly, there are many things that a camera can detect and inform to the relevant authorities.

Face Recognition & Pose Detection

AI security cameras can detect the face of different people with the ability to match the demographic details of the people from different locations. It can recognize the faces as well as detecting the human poses spoting their unusual actions.

To train the AI security cameras a huge amount of datasets are feed into the computer vision algorithm. Landmark annotation is used to make the faces recognizable for machine learning. And as much as training data is feed into the algorithm the AI system in the camera can easily detect the varied types of objects.

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24×7 Unusual Activity Monitoring

Unusual activities or illegal actions can be monitored with AI security cameras. Such actions are spotted and inform the security agencies timely to avoid mishappenings. Computer vision technology can detect the motion of any object that comes into the visibility of the camera.

AI computer vision can detect illegal activities like theft and weapons. And it can recognize the various types of objects with quick action and the right decision informing the relevant authorities to avoid major unfortunate incidents. Anolytics offers the training data for AI security cameras to detect such actions.

Remote Sensing through Drones

AI in cameras helping the system to scan the earth from mid-air using autonomous flying objects like drones. And to train such drones huge amount of annotated satellite images are used for machine learning training.

Drones can detect vehicles, their number plates, house structures, fences or boundaries and various other types of objects from the areal view. And the huge quantity of Autonomous flying training data is used to train the drones using AI cameras. Anolytics is generating the high-quality training data for such drones.

Activity Detection at Healthcare Centers

AI in healthcare using to improve the security and operations in healthcare facilities making the medical treatment and care process more effective. Amid the highly infectious virus-like COVID-19, AI cameras keeping an eye on people not wearing a mask or not complying with the hygiene regulations.

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Moreover, it can also detect if anyone fell due to weakness or other health reasons. AI-enabled cameras are trained to detect whether a person stands upright, lies on the floor or is sitting, and alerts staff if there is any unusual behaviour

Apart from that, AI computer vision can help to protect sensitive patient data visible on computer screen captured by cameras. These cameras help to protect sensitive information and privacy by hiding a configurable set of objects such as laptops, keyboards and even people in video data making them unclearly visible.

Anolytics is born to create a huge quantity of training datasets for AI computer vision-based machine learning and deep learning models. Working with a team of highly skilled workforce, it is providing the one-stop solution for data annotation. Also involved in content moderation, Anolytics is expertized in image annotation service offering high-quality service at the best pricing for diverse industries.

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