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How AI in Healthcare is Improving Emergency Room Situations

Artificial Intelligence software and technologies have changed a multitude of industries in recent years, including education, banking, and healthcare. Especially when it comes to healthcare! New discoveries and breakthroughs bring many significant and quick changes to diagnostics and healthcare organizations each year, leading many people to assume that Artificial Intelligence […]

Artificial Intelligence in Dental Radiology & The Future of AI in Dentistry

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science that describes the research and development of computer-generated human intelligent behavior in machines. The whole process involves researching and machine learning training that enables a computer to develop intelligent behavior and work independently while solving relevant problems. Actually, AI is becoming […]

What are the Types of Diagnostic Imaging Used for AI in Medical Diagnosis: Use Cases

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have enough potential to make various tasks in the healthcare industry possible with accurate performance. Patient’s timely disease diagnosis and the right decision is an important part of hospitals to improve the overall healthcare system. Medical imaging is playing a vital role in diagnosing […]

How AI Robots Used in Medical Field: Types of Robotics in Healthcare

Robots are one of the first-born automated machines, develop to perform various actions helping humans to complete various daily or repetitive tasks in a short span of time. And now using machine learning, robotics developers are building the AI robots that can better understand the various scenarios and work more […]

How Big Data & AI is used in Healthcare System to Combat Coronavirus Outbreak?

Coronavirus or scientific name COVID-19, is one the most deadly virus of the century infected more than half of the millions and killed tens of thousands of people globally. Being declared a pandemic by WHO, this infection is spreading among the people at a very fast speed, bringing down the […]