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Role of Image Annotation in Applying Machine Learning for Precision Agriculture

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is getting integrated into vital fields making human life more efficient and productive. Similarly, AI in agriculture is making agriculture and farming easier with computer vision-based crop monitoring and production system. AI Robots, drones and automated machines are playing a big role in harvesting, ripping, health monitoring […]

Top Data Labeling Challenges Faced by the Data Annotation Companies

Data labeling is not a task, it requires lots of skills, knowledge and lots of effort to label the data for machine learning training. And for visual perception model needs annotated images to train the computer vision algorithm helping the model to recognize the various objects recognizable. However, while labeling […]

How to Improve Computer Vision in Autonomous Vehicles using Image Annotation Services?

Self-driving cars need more precise visual training to detect or recognize the objects on the street and ride in the right lane to avoid collisions. Actually, autonomous vehicles can visualize the entire scenario of the natural environment to take action while running on the road. And to perceive the different […]

How Semantic Segmentation & Landmark Annotation Improves Facial Recognition?

Facial recognition is becoming important for many companies to improve the security surveillance or detect the faces of people for various purposes like identifying the person for unlocking the smartphones or detect the facial expressions of drivers for alerting them through ADAS for safe driving. Facial recognition for computer vision […]

Five Reasons Why You Need To Outsource Your Data Annotation Project

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) development is mainly rely on training data sets, that helps the AI or ML algorithms to detect the objects and learn certain patterns for future predictions. And acquiring the labeled or annotated data is the real challenge for the companies they many times […]