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Machine Learning for Forest Monitoring: Algorithms, Use Cases & Challenges

In the forest business, satellite imagery is used with GIS data for geographic mapping and analytics. Still, as satellite imagery becomes more widely available and inexpensive, new applications will arise. As a result, firms should be aware of potential applications beyond the standard mapping functionality that most forest companies are […]

Safety At Construction Sites With Drones

Businesses, the world over are introducing some major transformations in operational capacities and deliveries and are going through a transformational phase. The need for broadening the spectrum of services has escalated. The construction sector is expanding exponentially and adopting cutting-edge practices for augmenting various on-site capabilities and making sites safe […]

The Safety Framework in Autonomous Cars

Ever wondered how the vehicular safety framework has been defined in autonomous vehicles? Till now we have heard of the ADAS – Advanced driver-assist system and the related five levels of autonomy. However, there is an underlying safety mechanism that works from inside in self-driving vehicles. Having been tested and […]

Why Self-driving Cars Taking Too Much Time: Challenges of Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles, especially self-driving passenger cars are like a dream when it will become come true. Yes, I’m talking about the time full-fledged deployment of artificial intelligence into a car that can run automatically on the busy road in various scenarios, without driver’s assistance avoiding all the objects making the […]