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Scene Interpretation with 3D Point Cloud Segmentation and Issues That Arise

Data can take many different forms. Images are widely used in the processing of visual information. Images are made up of a two-dimensional grid of pixels that depict our three-dimensional reality. Problems involving pictures have led to some of the most effective developments in machine learning. However, having a three-dimensional […]

How AI-Powered Camera is Transforming Security and Surveillance

One of the most recent technical advancements in the video surveillance market is security cameras with Artificial Intelligence (AI). Machine learning algorithms aid in the detection of people, objects such as automobiles, and other things in real-time. AI-based video monitoring and analytics are gaining popularity because of their capacity to […]

Exploring Bounding Box for Image Annotation

Image annotations are carried out for various machine learning models. Bounding box is used in image annotation for computer vision tasks. For preparing machine learning training datasets, this box type annotation enables AI programs to learn and recognize objects in the physical world. In the bounding box image annotation, rectangular […]

Why Social Media Content Moderation is Crucial for Businesses

Freedom of speech typically allows social media users to express their views on anyone and any possible topic without thinking much. There is no fixed way to object to any content if it is harmful or hurting the sentiments of individuals, religions, groups, etc. Sometimes the user frames the content […]

Why pixel accuracy is the future of the image annotation for Machine Learning?

Training of drones, autonomous vehicles, and other computer-vision based models needs annotated images and videos so that the machines can identify and interpret the object without much human intervention. The data which is fed in these machine algorithms to understand images and videos, text or audio created the need for […]

How to Improve AI Security Camera Performance with Image Annotation Services?

The use of security cameras in home security and round-the-clock surveillance become more popular among people globally. And keeping an eye around your house is important to keep your home and family members safe from theft, robbery, crime and access of any other type of unauthorized person that can harm […]

Why Data Annotation is Important for Machine Learning and AI?

Data annotation is the process of making the contents available in various formats like text, videos and images, recognizable to machines. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) companies are seeking such annotated data to train their ML algorithm learn the patterns and memorize the same for predictions. Actually, to […]