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Things About Social Media Content Moderation You May Not Have Known

Making and enforcing rules on what may (and cannot) be posted on social media platforms is everything from impartial is content moderation or social media content moderation. Public worries over content filtering have suddenly escalated, even though this type of governance has long been hidden in the shadows. Despite early […]

Applications & Challenges with 3D Point Cloud Data for LIDARs

3D point cloud data is one of the most complex types of machine learning data used to generate the most useful training datasets for autonomous vehicles. LiDAR data is annotated with 3D point cloud annotation to make the objects more precisely detectable to a self-driving car. LiDAR & 3D Point […]

Applying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Robotics with Right Training Data

Robots were the first-known automated type machines people got to know. There are was a time when robots were developed for performing specific tasks. Yes such machines were earlier developed without any artificial intelligence (AI) to perform only repetitive tasks. But now the scenarios are different, AI in getting integrated […]

How Satellite Imagery Dataset Used in Artificial Intelligence: AI Applications for Satellite Imagery

Satellite images can capture the wide-angle viewing area from the distant height making it easier for artificial intelligence applicable to various fields. And AI applications using the satellite images can learn to predict various scenarios after analyzing the situation from satellite imagery datasets that are specially created for AI models. […]

How To Improve Machine Learning Model Performance: Five Ways

Machine learning development would be not difficult for ML engineers, but ensuring its performance is important to get accurate and most reliable results. Though, there are various methods you can improve your machine learning model performance. Basically developed on python, machine learning models need to develop while considering the various […]

How To Ensure Quality of Training Data for Your AI or Machine Learning Projects?

A poor quality training data for your machine learning model is not good from any angle. And until you feed the right data your AI model will not give you the accurate results. If you train the computer vision system with incomplete data sets it can give disastrous results in […]

How To Select Suitable Machine Learning Algorithm For A Problem Statement?

Choosing the right machine learning algorithm for training a model is one of the biggest challenge for the AI engineers to make sure their efforts become successful. Actually, ML algorithm depends on various factors like process of model training and availability of the training data used to train the model. […]

A Complete Image Annotation Solution for Object Detection in AI and Machine Learning

AI and machine learning are completely relying on training data to develop a model for real-life application. The training data directly relates to a properly labeled supervised data basically available in annotated image form for computer vision object detection. Without such data it is not possible to train the model […]

Why Human Annotated Datasets is Important for Machine Learning?

Developing an AI model through machine learning is not possible without huge volume of data like training data, testing data and validation dataset that requires at various stage of development. Actually, machines learning models use an algorithm to learn the patterns in the input through such data sets that are […]