How Does Semantic Segmentation Enhance Face Recognition in AI?

By Anolytics | 21 September, 2019 in Landmark Annotation | 2 mins read

How Does Semantic Segmentation Enhance Face Recognition in AI?

Facial recognition is becoming important for many companies to improve the security surveillance or detect the faces of people for various purposes like identifying the person for unlocking the smartphones or detect the facial expressions of drivers for alerting them through ADAS for safe driving.

Facial recognition for computer vision is possible with specific image annotation techniques like landmark and semantic segmentation. These types of annotations help to determine the shape of variations of different objects. So, lets find out here how landmark and semantic segmentation annotations improve facial recognition.

Landmark Annotation for Facial Attributes Detection

Landmark annotation is the best image annotation technique used for AI-based facial recognition models that require high-quality landmark annotations across a variety of classes for accurate detection of facial attributes.

In landmark annotation, facial image is labeled with key points at specific locations to determine the facial expression or gesture to train the facial recognition application. Landmarking helps to find the actual density of the object within a particular area. This technique helps to understand the movement target object at each point of motion.

Semantic Segmentation Annotation for Facial Recognition

Apart from landmark image annotation, semantic segmentation also provides the training data solution for self-driving cars and ADAS in semi-autonomous cars. Image segmentation helps to create computer vision applications for low vision like 3D-reconstruction and motion estimation to solve the vision problems.

Anolytics provides semantic segmentation image annotation to label the images captured on street of various objects to make it recognizable to computer vision. Facial expressions and human behavior can be detected with segmentation to predict the next action of humans and make their life easier and safe while driving the cars.

High-quality Image Annotation Service for Facial Recognition

Anolytics is specialized in image annotation service to label the different types of including text, video and images with best level of accuracy creating the high-quality training data for AI and machine learning. It is providing the landmark and semantic annotation service with best level of accuracy for different types of projects.

Apart from landmark and segmentation, Anolytics also provides image annotation and data annotation services in various formats like polygon annotation, bounding box annotation, 3D cuboid annotation and polyline etc. The annotated data and images are available here for various types of use cases and different industries including healthcare, retail, agriculture and automobile working on AI and ML models.

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