How to Improve AI Security Camera Performance with Image Annotation?

Published on Friday June 12, 2020 3 min read By Anolytics
How to Improve AI Security Camera Performance with Image Annotation?

The use of security cameras in home security and round-the-clock surveillance become more popular among people globally. And keeping an eye around your house is important to keep your home and family members safe from theft, robbery, crime and access of any other type of unauthorized person that can harm you or damage the property on the premises.

AI-based cameras can provide such advanced features for home security and surveillance system for commercial dwellings. And to train the AI surveillance camera models, a huge quantity of training datasets required, that is possible with annotated images, labeled to make the various objects recognizable and improve the performance AI security with high-quality image services.


Annotation to Detect the People in the Crowd

Image annotation helps AI security cameras, detect the people in the crowd. And bounding box annotation is the technique used to annotate such images containing a crowd of people. With this annotation technique, people can be easily detected making it easier for cameras to spot them.

Anolytics, is providing the bounding box image annotation services to annotate the different types of people and other objects with precision. Additional labels or notes can be also added to differentiate people and help AI models can easily spot the individuals for the right detection in real-life scenarios.

Landmark Annotation for Face Detection

Detect the Human Faces with Landmark annotation integrated into AI security camera. Actually, landmarking point annotation helps to detect and recognize the faces of humans with an acceptable level of accuracy helping AI security cameras to make the face recognition system more efficient.

To improve the face recognition process, it is important to precisely train the model to develop for AI-based security surveillance. Anolytics, offers the landmarking annotation services to recognize the human faces, their gestures and expressions with an extra level of accuracy. Detecting human possess are also possible with Landmark annotation for pose detection of humans.

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Detect and Monitor the Movement of Traffic

The movement of traffic is now monitored through AI security cameras. From cars to vehicles and public transportation and the movement of people can be observed by the traffic management department. Loaded with face recognition technology, night vision thermal view, AI cameras can detect the various objects visible on the road allowing the traffic management department to operate efficiently.

Anolytics is providing the image annotation services for AI security cameras to detect the traffic on the road and recognize the various objects. Anolytics uses 3D Cuboid Annotation to detect such objects and recognize the different types of vehicles with accurate dimension detection of objects. AI security can spot the traffic movement in a highly crowded situation.

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Annotation to Detect Theft and Unusual Activities

Residential societies, fenced campuses or housing or commercial places are at risk of thieves, robberies, and crimes. But AI security cameras can detect such unusual activities and inform the security agencies and respective departments for timely actions.

Again bounding box, face detection and other popular types of image annotation techniques make such objects recognizable in various scenarios. Motion detection AI cameras can spot such activities in the nights with quick alert and live coverage of the footage on various devices like computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones for safe and enjoyable living.

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Annotations to Detect the Guns and other Weapons

While monitoring the theft or unusual activities in the societies or inside residential and commercial sites, AI cameras can also detect the weapons in the hands of the criminals. Bounding Box annotation image annotation best suitable here again to detect guns and other weapons helping people to spot such things timely and avoid unwanted crimes.

Anolytics can annotate all types of weapons and guns to make it easily recognizable to security cameras. Working with a team of highly skilled and experienced annotators, Anolytics use the most advanced tools and techniques to annotate the different types of guns, knives and other weapons helping AI models to recognize such arms for safe living.

Annotation for AI in Night Vision or Thermal Cameras

The night vision AI cameras need to detect the objects in the dark or nights. And to make such objects easily recognizable to AI security cameras. Bounding box annotation and other precise image annotation techniques used to detect objects even in extreme darkness.

Detecting the unauthorized actions, unwanted people or creature and various other objects wandering in the dark can be easily detected if AI camera model is get trained with high-quality training data sets. Anolytics annotates the objects visible in the darks though night vision cameras. While ensuring the perfect pixel perfection, Anolytics offers the world-class annotation services for AI security camera training data available at affordable cost.

Anolytics is the great platform for data annotation providing the one-stop solution for training data sets required for various types of AI models from different fields. It is providing text annotation, image annotation and video annotation for machine learning training in various fields’ healthcare, retail, agriculture, automotive, robotics and drones.

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