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Importance of Image Annotation in Machine Learning

Identifying, getting, characterizing, and interpreting findings from digital pictures or videos is an image annotation. It is one of the most critical steps in the development of computer vision and image recognition systems. Computer vision is frequently employed in AI applications such as driverless cars, medical imaging, and security. As […]

Exploring Bounding Box for Image Annotation

Image annotations are carried out for various machine learning models. Bounding box is used in image annotation for computer vision tasks. For preparing machine learning training datasets, this box type annotation enables AI programs to learn and recognize objects in the physical world. In the bounding box image annotation, rectangular […]

Why Data Annotation is Important for Machine Learning and AI?

Data annotation is the process of making the contents available in various formats like text, videos and images, recognizable to machines. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) companies are seeking such annotated data to train their ML algorithm learn the patterns and memorize the same for predictions. Actually, to […]

How To Ensure Quality of Training Data for Your AI or Machine Learning Projects?

A poor quality training data for your machine learning model is not good from any angle. And until you feed the right data your AI model will not give you the accurate results. If you train the computer vision system with incomplete data sets it can give disastrous results in […]