Why Social Media Content Moderation is Vital for Businesses

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Why Social Media Content Moderation is Vital for Businesses

Freedom of speech typically allows social media users to express their views on anyone and any possible topic without thinking much. There is no fixed way to object to any content if it is harmful or hurting the sentiments of individuals, religions, groups, etc. Sometimes the user frames the content in such a way that surpasses the primary screening systems which the companies implement.

In today’s times, almost every business wants to defend its brand value from the detestable content which includes profanity, hate speech, offensive gestures, obscene pictures, nudity, etc. In order to get rid of these types of content, moderation services are essential.

“According to published research in AdWeek, around 85% of people are influenced by user-generated content (UGC) than the exclusive content that is created by brands/companies. Therefore, it is extremely crucial to monitor user-generated content to fight disinformation.”

What is Content Moderation?

Content moderation is a process of moderating the user-generated content which is on online platforms such as social media, e-commerce sites, etc. It is the appropriate way to safeguard the brand’s image and manage unwanted content. In simple terms, it is a process of reviewing, filtering the social media content which is in form of comments, images, etc.

Types Of Social Media Contents

Social media remain a leading platform to promote, advertise or establish the brand’s image in no time if used properly. It also forms a significant part of the customer experience as one can easily reach out and interact with their audience and consumers. However, the social medium alternatively suffers from some disadvantages in the form of substandard content which is generated by users of such platforms or applications.

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When we talk about social media content, there are several forms of content which are not only created by organizations but also the user-generated content which could be generated in different formats such as pictures, videos, text, product reviews, testimonials etc. which require text, image & video moderation from time to time.

1. Customer Interactions 

There are several ways to connect with customers on social media. These interactions are primarily in the form of feedbacks, chats, reviews, business inquiries, etc. A distraught customer might sometimes could right something offensive or profane against the brand which goes against the platform policies and would require continuous monitering.

2. Reviews

Almost everyone reads the product or company review before they move forward with the purchase or use of service. The company also displays these reviews on social media so that the business can gain benefits and build customer trust. However, scanning and moderating the reviews is important to the businesses in the long run as they will directly affect the business productivity.

3. Online Contest

Audiences and customers often engage in online contests and giveaways. This is the most effective way to reward your customers and also helps in gaining a new audience.

The above-mentioned methods are the top three content that is primarily used by the users. Apart from the above-mentioned types, a few are discussion boards, referral promotions, etc.

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Why Content Moderation is Vital for Businesses

Reviewing and filtering user-generated content is necessary for businesses to preserve their brand image. Implementing content moderation will help to improve the quality of user-generated content and press the issues which are being encountered by the organizations.

Organizations use content moderation workflow, which involves two processes.


When moderation is performed before the content goes online. In simple terms, content moderators perform moderation through automated systems before publishing the content.


When moderation is performed after the content goes online or it has been flagged by other users or automated processes as potentially harmful, or which was removed previously but requires a second review upon appeal.

There are several benefits which business can reap through social media content moderation:

Protect The Image Of The Brand

The user-generated content might deviate from the topic/vision which brand wants to convey through the campaigns. Possessing quality content moderators will reduce the risk of discovering unwanted or unrelatable content by the authentic visitors and thus help in maintaining the brand’s image.

Helps To Identify Legitimate Users

Through quality content moderation services, a company can have insights into the behaviour and opinions of the users and can employ them to know the needs and requirements of the users. With the right content moderation approach business can also get rid of bot profiles, eliminate fake users, reviews or product testimonials.

Helps In Restricting The Erotic Content

A vast number of the population is using social media. However, some unscrupulous users post erotic messages, unsuitable pictures for the platform users. Pornographic images, videos or fake death news are being used to malign the image or to gain traffic. We can prevent these things through quality content moderation services.

Increase Online Presence

This is also one of the most significant benefits of incorporating content moderation. It also helps to increase the online presence. Any kind of feedback or reviews of a company directly affects the ranking of a website on top search engines. A content moderator can help filter the irrelevant or negative content before it is being published online so that it cannot influence people.

Why Outsource Content Moderation Services

There are several reasons and benefits to outsourcing content moderation services. The benefits and reasons vary from business to business and according to the requirements. But some widespread benefits are cost-optimization, operational excellence, assured accuracy, high-quality outcomes, enhanced workflows, etc.

We, at Anolytics, provide real-time content moderation services on social media and other online platforms. The content moderators in Anolytics can clearly detect spam and irrelevant content and extract them instantly. Be it a video, image, or text, we offer a customized solution while maintaining a high level of accuracy.

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