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A comprehensive suite of personalized platform-specific content moderation services to get you reveled in an enhanced market reputation for a flawless online presence.

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Content Moderation Solutions for Machine Learning

Content Moderation Solutions for Machine Learning

The freedom to share anything on online platforms provokes users to post stacks of inappropriate content. The platform’s reputation is at risk due to such objectionable user-generated content, which should be addressed promptly in accordance with legal and platform-specific guidelines. This is where content moderation services get in place to rectify and restrict objectionable content posted by users.

Why Content Moderation?

Business reputation can be damaged by user generated content moderation services that does not comply with platform regulations. A content moderation strategy keeps bullies and trolls off your brand by preventing them from exploiting your reputation through objectionable online content sharing. It reduces the chances of visitors viewing content they might find upsetting or offensive if there is a team of content moderators on hand, and Anolytics is just what brings it to your aid.

Importance of Content Moderation

Regular content moderation, i.e., assessment and filtering of user-generated content, is essential to protect the platform and fellow users from offensive online content. Noncompliant contributions by users to a website may result in the site’s poor market reputation. Users’ submissions can be rectified by content moderation companies, ensuring that they comply with the guidelines while securing the online image of a website.

Importance of Content Moderation

Types of Content Moderation

Anolytics boasts a wide bouquet of content moderation services offered by an in-house hub of professional language and subject matter experts. Streamlined workflow is promised with our service delivery that fetches and carries users’ commitment to being compliant with their content posting. We offer customized content moderation services for text, images, and videos.

Text Moderation Services
Text Moderation

Annotating text involves adding labels such as appropriate names, sentiments, and intentions based on various criteria.

Image Moderation Services
Image Moderation

Users’ uploaded images are evaluated for quality, sensitivity, and adherence to the platform’s rules in image moderation.

Video Moderation Services
Video Moderation

An instructional video moderator evaluates, flags, and removes offensive content that can harm a company’s brand image.

Content Moderation Services for Machine Learning

Our Content Moderation Approach

Anolytics provides content moderation based on client requirements using a combination of human expertise and automated content moderation tools.
Experienced subject matter experts and language maestros work in concert with modern moderation tools at Anolytics to provide clients with platform-specific content moderation outsourcing services — providing brands with significant protection against objectionable content posted online by users.

Our content moderation approach consists of the following steps:

  • Reviewing the content in the text, images, and video files;
  • Assigning language and subject matter experts to identify the objectionable content;
  • Flagging/labeling inappropriate content that in any way violates policies set out for a platform;

Industries We Serve

User generated content (UGC) is crucial to enhance engagement and activity on online marketplaces and social media networks, and ugc moderation plays a crucial role in maintaining and enforcing community rules. Anolytics’sw portfolio of content moderation services is wide enough to encompass an assortment of industries, such as:

Why Choose Us?

As a leading data annotation and labeling expert with half a decade of industry exposure, Anolytics is a perfect choice for your AI training data needs.

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