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A comprehensive suite of personalized platform-specific content moderation services to get you reveled in an enhanced market reputation for a flawless online presence.

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Why Content Moderation?

Business reputation can be damaged by user-generated content moderation services that does not comply with platform regulations. A content moderation strategy keeps bullies and trolls off your brand by preventing them from exploiting your reputation through objectionable online content sharing. It reduces the chances of visitors viewing content they might find upsetting or offensive if there is a team of content moderators on hand, and Anolytics is just what brings it to your aid.

Text Moderation Service

Text Moderation Service

Utilize our text moderation service to moderate real-time user-generated texts, e.g., messages, chats, profiles, forum conversations, comments, reviews, etc. The approach combining AI and the human-in-the-loop underpins the bouquet of our text moderation services. Multilingual support guarantees moderation of all text inputs across websites and digital platforms from all over the world.

Image Moderation Service

Let our image moderation experts weed out violent pictures, porno, drugs, weapons, and any such objectionable content from images users have posted on your digital or social channels. Assuring that every aspect of the image adheres to your company’s guidelines and policies is what Anolytics does through the integrated image moderation service that combines both AI & human expertise.

Image Moderation Service
Video Moderation Service

Video Moderation Service

Anolytics brings forth a set of video moderation services that are characterized by the quick response time and ability to moderate videos, even live streams. Our experts can analyze videos to capture more subtle information, such as sexual behavior, nudity, violence, hate, or weapons. In order to achieve the best results, we offer a hybrid solution that integrates AI and manual moderation skills.

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