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Our Key Service Offerings in Generative AI

An ethical and human-driven approach for fine-tuning your language models to ensure it operates optimally.

Enterprise Data Lableing Services (EDLS)

Enterprise Data Labeling Services (EDLS)

We offer economical, scalable and enterprise level data labeling solutions to help organizations save time and divert focus to more pertinent matters.We understand that the capability and efficiency of your LLMs depend on its training data. Hence, our expertise in natural language processing and computer vision ensures your AI models can handle multi modality.

DataSum for Ethically Sourced Datasets

We deliver qualitative and ethically sourced training datasets which can be trusted to ensure compliance, reliability and effectiveness. We address the ethical challenges in AI by ensuring that one doesn’t have to opt between competitiveness and responsible sourcing of data.

DataSum for Ethically Sourced Datasets
Red Teaming Services for Stress Testing your large language models (LLMs)

Red Teaming Services for Stress Testing your large language models (LLMs)

Use our red teaming services for identifying possible threats and susceptibilities in your LLMs. We explore real world situations which might challenge your AI application’s integrity. We make sure that your AI operates at an optimal, efficient and responsible manner in every given situation.

Reinforced Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF)

We offer RLHF services for improving the delivery and accuracy of your AI and machine learning models. We assist your AI models in taking decisions by integrating human insight and reinforcement learning ensuring that it complies with goals, ethical standards and real-world situations.

Reinforced Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF):

Developing Large Language Models and Large Multimodal Models

We follow a streamlined process for developing LLMs by:-

1. Sourcing data from only reliable and ethical sources shortlisted by our legal team.

2. Picking facts from data sources and summarizing them.

3. We ensure uniqueness of content by ensuring the questions or prompts are made by different team members.

4. We carry out quality checks on a regular basis to ensure prompts comply with the client’s quality benchmark.

We can assist you in building large multimodal models (LMMs) by combining modules which facilitate encoding of different data types, going beyond text and including other forms of data including audio, images and videos. It makes these models versatile with the potential to discover applications which were not possible through text-only models. The various modalities include:

Text to Image
Text to Motion
Image to Text
Brain to Text
Text to 3D
Text to Video
Text to Text
Text to Code
Video to Text
Audio to Audio

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a kind of artificial intelligence technology which can generate a variety of content including text, images, audio and synthetic data.

The major benefits of Generative AI are as follows:

1. Automation of content writing process.

2. Making responding to emails a less strenuous task.

3. Representing people in a realisitc manner.

4. Creating a coherent narrative and summary of complex information.

5. Simplifying the content creation process as per a particular style.

The major challenges of Generative AI are as follows:

1. Inability to identify the content source.

2. Challenges in assessing the bias of content source.

3. Content that sounds realistic makes it tough to spot inaccurate information.

4. Tough to comprehend tuning for new circumstances.

5. Results can be biased, prejudiced or filled with hatred.

Why should you outsource to Anolytics?

You can trust us in offering quality text annotation work because we offer:

Quality With Accuracy
Quality With Accuracy

Get the best-in-class quality services with highest accuracy level delivering an excellence in image annotation through multiple stages of auditing and reviewing of labeled data.

Security With Privacy
Security With Privacy

We are certified with SOC 2 TYPE 1 Company for maintaining the high standards of data security with privacy while working with our clients to ensure their confidentiality.

Fully Scalable Service
Fully Scalable Service

Working with hundreds of workforce to annotate pictures as per the demand providing a completely scalable solution with turnaround time to meet the different client’ needs.

Cost-effective Pricing
Cost-effective Pricing

Image annotation outsourcing to us means our clients get a cost-effective data labeling service helping them to minimize the cost of their project with best efficiency.

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