Plotting a sequence of points to generate accurate datasets determining the shape of varied sized objects allowing computers to detect the smaller objects.

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Landmarking for Facial Gesture Recognition

​Label with the key points at specified locations to determine the gesture or facial recognition applications. It is mainly used for counting applications using the landmark points annotation to find the actual density of the object within a particular area. It helps to better understand the movement trajectory of each point motion in the targeted object.

landmark annotation for face recognition
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Annotation for Sports Analytics of Human Poses

Not only recognizing human facial expressions and emotions, image landmark annotation is also used to detect the human figures and estimate their poses with right accuracy. Machine or computer vision can measure the posture of athletics in group or individual sports person performing an action while playing a game on the field.

Landmarking with Anolytics for Better Accuracy

Now train your machine detect human figures and estimate human poses in 2D images and videos. Apart from facial recognition, used for sentiment analysis and prediction of the pedestrian motion for the autonomous vehicles. Anolytics is capable to transform the raw data into landmarks on the objects of interest with best accuracy.

landmak annotation for face detection
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Get the best-in-class quality services with highest accuracy level delivering an excellence in image annotation through multiple stages of auditing and reviewing of labeled data.

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