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Business-specific product categorization services that combine product classification using machine learning integrated with a human-in-the-loop workforce approach

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Product Categorization & Its Significance for E-commerce

Product Categorization & Its Significance for E-commerce

It is easier for users to find and pick the products of their buying preferences when the online shelf is well-organized with the proper e-commerce product categorization. With relevant new product suggestions, personalized recommendations, and query-understanding algorithms, companies can improve their users’/buyers’ online experience while enjoying increased conversion rates and profitability. Leveraging our product categorization service and natural language processing (NLP) expertise can be your key to cracking it all up.

Processing Product Data Classification

While appropriate product classification is significant for the e-commerce industry, tagging products with accurate labels is equally challenging. Product titles, product descriptions, and product information must be comprehensive and descriptive to determine a product classification model’s validity. This is where Anolytics’ product classification service can significantly aid your e-commerce venture’s success by enhancing your buyers’ experience with your online store.

Processing Product Data Classification
Get Us On Board for High-End Product Categorization

Get Us On Board for High-End Product Categorization

Anolytics provides a wide range of product categorization services designed to suit the needs of each project. The process of categorizing styles, genders, and objects is among the most common workflows. With more than a decade of industry exposure and experience in e-commerce product and service classification, we have built a hub of natural language processing (NLP) and subject matter experts to deliver high-end product classification services suited to business/client/project requirements.

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