Label each pixel of an image with semantic segmentation for fine grained understanding of images solving the core computer vision problem into image segmentation deep learning.

Assign A Class to Evey Single Pixel

Semantic segmentation allows classification of image with pixel-wise annotation of objects making computer vision to localize the images with dense prediction. Semantic segmentation visualize multiple objects of the same class as a single entity and mainly used for the perception model training in natural environment objects.

Semantic segmentation for computer vision
Semantic segmentation for Autonomous Vehicles

Accurate Autonomous Vehicles Driving

Semantic image segmentation helps self-driving to improve the computer vision with more accurate pixels while recognizing the various objects on road. It is useful in critical information to ensure the safety of autonomous vehicles as it can provide the more precise information about the objects and traffic sings on the road. 

Geo Sensing and Precise Agriculture

Using the satellite imagery and drone recordings land cover information like monitoring of urbanization and deforestation is possible with image segmentation deep learning that helps to gather accurate information of such fields. It provides an advance image technique for agriculture reducing the manual monitoring of such large fields by humans. 

semantic segmentation for Agriculture
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