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Data Annotation for Integrating AI into Agriculture

The Anolytics team develops training data for agriculture industry and machine learning applications in agriculture and farming. Our agricultural data annotation and labeling services aim at addressing the challenges associated with agricultural process automation. Our labeling platform supports all agricultural workflows and formats, and you can count on our labeling experts for end-to-end agricultural data annotation and labeling for deep learning.

Robots in Precise Farming
Robots in Precise Farming

Precision farming uses AI technology to aid in detecting diseases in plants, pests, and poor plant nutrition on farms.

Fructify Level Detection
Fructify Level Detection

Analyzing fruit & vegetable health conditions and fructifying levels with image annotation and labeling for accurate sorting and grading tasks.

Detect Unwanted Crops
Detect Unwanted Plants

Custom agriculture training data to be used in agricultural robotics for unwanted plants and weeds detection to improve agricultural yield.

3D Field Mapping
3D Field Mapping

Drone and satellite image data annotation for 3D field mapping to help agronomists predict crops’ yields and prices using agricultural AI.

Crop Health Monitoring
Crop Health Monitoring

The automation of crop health monitoring by computer vision AI simplifies farm operations and allows for the timely detection of issues on a large scale.

Livestock Management
Livestock Management

Incorporating training data into machine learning models to promote livestock welfare, track livestock movements accurately, and manage livestock more efficiently.

Significance of Data Annotation for AI Integration into Agriculture

Agronomists can use artificial intelligence in agriculture to automate farming and also to cultivate crops with greater precision, resulting in higher crop yields and fewer resources used. Image annotation is used in agriculture to make crops and other things recognizable so that humans do not need to be involved in determining the best course of action. Preparing accurate training data is crucial since it directly impacts AI’s performance in developing scalable, collaborative, and AI-assisted agricultural applications.

Why Outsource to Anolytics?

As a specialist in agriculture image & video data annotation, Anolytics can create custom training data for agriculture industry for AI integration in agricultural robotics, crop health and soil monitoring, field monitoring, detecting growth progress, detecting ripeness, detecting unwanted plants, and detecting weeds, among other applications. Our team utilizes multiple annotation techniques, including bounding boxes, polygon annotation, semantic segmentation, cuboid annotation, key points, and polylines to handle tasks with varying complexity.


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The Usage of AI & ML in Agriculture with Image Annotation

The Usage of AI & ML in Agriculture with Image Annotation

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