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Data Annotation for Security & Surveillance

High quality training data that is properly annotated and labeled is necessary for successful deployment of AI in security and video surveillance systems. We can take care of all your AI security camera system requirements and integrate AI into your cybersecurity and physical security systems.

Applications of AI in Security and Surveillance Systems

Crowd Detection

Crowd Detection

Use of training data for developing AI-powered tools to accurately detect the number of people in large crowds shown in images.

Face Detection

Use of training data for developing AI for precise recognition of faces, reading emotions and understanding the health condition of a person.

Face Detection
 Traffic Management

Traffic Management

Use of data annotation for analyzing traffic data in real-time to detect safety risks using AI-enabled traffic management.

Theft Detection

Use of AI to help manufacturers with training data to employ AI in security & surveillance systems for theft detection.

Theft Detection
Weapon Detection

Weapon Detection

Use of image annotation for recognizing weapons, dangerous, and potential threats.

AI in Night Vision

Use deep-learning AI technology with high-quality annotation to recognize visible colors in infrared images.

AI in Night Vision

Top Two Reasons to Choose Anolytics for Security & Surveillance Annotation

Reason #1

We employ modern tools and techniques to develop training data for security and surveillance systems. In order to ensure the quality of the training data, we manage everything in-house, from collecting security imaging datasets to reviewing, filtering, and validating them.

Reason #2

We enable manufacturers to integrate high-quality training data into AI-powered security & surveillance systems. Our accurately labeled and annotated video, audio, and image training data can be used to train your AI-based security & surveillance systems for accurately predicting weapons and potential threats.

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In today's tech-driven world, a career in Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be highly rewarding. Join our team of Annotation Specialist, and be a part of the company that creates high-quality training datasets.

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