AI Training Data for Autonomous Flying

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Data Annotation to Enable Autonomous Flying Through AI

Anolytics offers autonomous flying training dataset solutions incorporating semantic segmentation for drone mapping and imagery from the top aerial view, making autonomous flying possible. We at Anolytics can create high-quality training data for your computer vision models through various annotation and labeling techniques:

2D Aerial View Imagery Mapping
2D Aerial View Imagery Mapping

Annotating 2D aerial view imagery to produce high pixel mapping for enabling autonomous flying systems

Aerial View for Human Tracking
Aerial View for Human Tracking

Labeling drones, satellites, and UAV images to develop training data for AI computer vision models for autonomous flight

Segmentation for Geo Sensing
Segmentation for Geo Sensing

Providing geographical models with training data support through semantic segmentation of satellite, aerial, and drone imagery

Categorize Items in Store
Bounding Box for Object Detection

Utilizing data annotations to outline objects of interest within an image for object detection using bounding box annotations

Footfalls at Retail Shops
Video Annotation for Object Detection

Using annotated lines to capture each object in the video so that computers or machines can recognize the moving objects.

Shopping Experience
Objects Localization with 2D Polygon

Using the polygon annotation technique to annotate unevenly shaped objects in drone and satellite imagery for object localization

Significance of Training Data for Flight Automation

The AI technology is groundbreaking and exciting for use in classical aircraft, helicopters, and the eVTOL aircraft of the future. In order to accurately train neural networks to integrate into the aircraft’s visual cortex, a great deal of data is required. These computer-vision-based automated flying systems can work like a human pilot only if the computer vision systems are trained with high-quality data. Anolytics can assist in developing completely automated pilot systems with high-quality AI training data.

Why Outsource to Anolytics?

Anolytics is a cutting-edge AI provider specializing in creating high-quality AI training data for autonomous flight and, in particular, computer vision systems for in-flight decision-making. With our dedicated team of annotators working in the human-in-the-loop approach to developing training data for flying systems. We ensure consistency in interpreting edge cases across the images where we classify every pixel in images containing buildings, flat surfaces, high and low vegetation, wires, masts, pedestrians, vehicles, etc.

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