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High-quality Training Dataset for Retail Industry

Artificial intelligence can streamline and automate operations in training dataset for retail industry to offer high levels of convenience to both sellers and buyers. AI can also help retailers understand shoppers’ sentiments and purchasing preferences while supporting buyers with easy product traceability and checkout processes. Machine learning algorithms, however, can only function unerringly with accurate training data to be deployed in AI-based retail systems (Apps & machines). As a global leader in annotating retail data, Anolytics has the expertise and resources to provide you with high-quality training data you can use for AI/ML models to automate and streamline your apparel operations.

Product Recommendations
Product Recommendations

Retailers can capture and analyze user data and recommend personalized products using the data we provide to AI-driven product recommendation systems.

Customer’s Sentiments
Customer’s Sentiments

AI-enabled cameras make it possible for retailers to analyze each individual’s behavior and reactions and recognize shoppers’ sentiments through image annotation.

Better Inventory planning
Better Inventory Planning

Our annotated data can be incorporated into AI algorithms and used to improve inventory planning and reduce stock management errors, thus reducing retailers’ costs.

Product Categorization
Product Categorization

We develop training data to be integrated into AI use cases and applications to help customers navigate stores and locate products based on their buying preferences.

Footfalls at Retail Shops
Footfalls at Retail Shops

Powered by quality training data, AI-integrated customer monitoring systems let you monitor every footfall you receive in your retail store.

Shopping Experience

Our computer vision solutions identify products and human behavior in stores quickly and easily, resulting in frictionless checkouts and advanced shelf management solutions.

Simplifying Retailing through High-Quality Training Data

As one of the most well-known AI training data platforms, Anolytics provides the retail industry with high-quality training data for AI and machine learning applications aimed at improving buyers’ experience in retail outlets. Our full-time annotation and labeling maestros leverage their experience and expertise to develop retail-specific training data to simplify in-store shopping and selling procedures.

Why Anolytics for Retail Image Annotation

Anolytics has been a significant aid to hundreds of retail facilities across the globe, where our experts have performed millions of annotations on images and videos for some of the retail sector and largest supermarkets. High-quality yet low-cost retail annotations are assured with simplified workflows, the latest annotation tools, and experienced data annotators. Our image annotation solutions can help your retail operations with improved Conversion Rates (CVR), Average Order Values (AOV), customer retention, and better customer satisfaction.


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