Artificial Intelligence in Robotics

Annotated Data for Robotics Process Automation

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Robotics Data Annotation for Machine Learning

AI training data for robots is used in a broad range of industries ranging from technology to manufacturing and agriculture to healthcare. AI allows robots to perceive, navigate, and calculate their appropriate responses with computer vision.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Robotics

Handle Warehouse Inventory

Handle Warehouse Inventory

Develop AI data for automating warehouse operations resulting in enhancing efficiency, minimizing errors, and reducing overhead costs.

Surroundings Perception

Support robotics automation through training data to assist machines in gain a perception of its surroundings while navigating through unknown areas.

Surroundings Perception
Sorting the Large Inventory

Sorting the Large Inventory

Data annotation for implementing AI in retail to better manage and monitor stock, i.e. order, storage, sale, and sorting of large inventory.

AI in Quality Assurance

Incorporate quality training data into AI & deep learning for fetching and carrying out optimum quality assurance through the product lifecycle.

AI in Quality Assurance
Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Annotation and data labeling method to train AI algorithms for monitoring operations, predicting equipment issues, and taking suitable actions/repairs.

Logistic Supply Handling

Use AI with proper annotated data for streamlining fleet maintenance, facilitating logistics management, and enhancing transport efficiency.

Logistic Supply Handling

Why Choose Anolytics for Robotics Data Annotation?

Reason #1

Accurate and suitable data annotation is key for automation, prediction accuracy, and quality of AI algorithm. A major headway in computer vision can be attained through optimization and annotation of videos and images as per the requirements of robotics automation. The help offered by us in the form of well-annotated and labeled AI training data assists AI-powered robots including computer vision systems and machine learning models that aim to automate robotic systems.

Reason #2

As a preferred annotation service provider, we have experience in producing training datasets that comply with world standards. Through our customized training data services, we can ensure that your robotics solution is compliant with the desired objectives irrespective of the field of application.

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In today's tech-driven world, a career in Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be highly rewarding. Join our team of Annotation Specialist, and be a part of the company that creates high-quality training datasets.

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