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bounding box for autonomous vahical

Object Detection for Autonomous Vehicles

Bounding box annotation is basically used to train autonomous vehicles to detect the various objects on the streets like lanes, traffic, potholes, signals, and other objects. This image annotation technique helps the self-driving vehicles recognize and understand their surroundings and all the objects in real-world scenario.

bounding box for retail

Automatic Tagging for Ecommerce and Retail

Image bounding box annotation is also used for highlighting the clothing and fashion accessories with automatic tagging to make visible for visual searching. This also works to annotate the goods and detect the item like fashion accessories and furniture picked from the shelf for automatic billing to customers in retail shops.

bounding box for self driving car

Why Bounding Box Annotation With Us

Specialize in image detection in images and videos using the advance tools and technique to provide the fine-quality image annotation solution enables to mark the images with complete precision and quality at demanding costing.

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Get the best-in-class quality services with highest accuracy level delivering an excellence in image annotation through multiple stages of auditing and reviewing of labeled data.

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Working with hundreds of workforce to annotate pictures as per the demand providing a completely scalable solution with turnaround time to meet the different client’ needs.

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We are certified with SOC 2 TYPE 1 Company for maintaining the high standards of data security with privacy while working with our clients to ensure their confidentiality.

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Image annotation outsourcing to us means our clients get a cost-effective data labeling service helping them to minimize the cost of their project with best efficiency.

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