Commonly Used Text Annotations in Natural Language Processing

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are here to stay. They’ve altered the way we live and interact with the world. These technologies open up incredible possibilities that can help propel the global economy forward. Machine learning and algorithms are powering the newest music, finance, and medical care advancements. Even […]

Importance of Image Annotation in Machine Learning

Identifying, getting, characterizing, and interpreting findings from digital pictures or videos is an image annotation. It is one of the most critical steps in the development of computer vision and image recognition systems. Computer vision is frequently employed in AI applications such as driverless cars, medical imaging, and security. As […]

Things About Social Media Content Moderation You May Not Have Known

Making and enforcing rules on what may (and cannot) be posted on social media platforms is everything from impartial is content moderation or social media content moderation. Public worries over content filtering have suddenly escalated, even though this type of governance has long been hidden in the shadows. Despite early […]

Machine Learning for Forest Monitoring: Algorithms, Use Cases & Challenges

In the forest business, satellite imagery is used with GIS data for geographic mapping and analytics. Still, as satellite imagery becomes more widely available and inexpensive, new applications will arise. As a result, firms should be aware of potential applications beyond the standard mapping functionality that most forest companies are […]

How AI in Security and Surveillance Affects Quality of Life in Smart Cities

As more cities adopt monitoring and sensing technology, artificial intelligence-enabled security cameras are on the front lines of data collection in traffic, policing, and health and safety. However, there are no widely acknowledged norms for utilizing the data generated by these technologies, raising worries about government surveillance, mainly as AI […]

Insights on AI in Agriculture and the Importance of Training Data

Over the last decade, artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) has been tested in a variety of industries as a way of development. However, it has only lately become obvious that AI may be used to improve agricultural decision-making. Farmers, in particular, may be able to make better judgments […]

How AI in Healthcare is Improving Emergency Room Situations

Artificial Intelligence software and technologies have changed a multitude of industries in recent years, including education, banking, and healthcare. Especially when it comes to healthcare! New discoveries and breakthroughs bring many significant and quick changes to diagnostics and healthcare organizations each year, leading many people to assume that Artificial Intelligence […]

Scene Interpretation with 3D Point Cloud Segmentation and Issues That Arise

Data can take many different forms. Images are widely used in the processing of visual information. Images are made up of a two-dimensional grid of pixels that depict our three-dimensional reality. Problems involving pictures have led to some of the most effective developments in machine learning. However, having a three-dimensional […]

How AI-Powered Camera is Transforming Security and Surveillance

One of the most recent technical advancements in the video surveillance market is security cameras with Artificial Intelligence (AI). Machine learning algorithms aid in the detection of people, objects such as automobiles, and other things in real-time. AI-based video monitoring and analytics are gaining popularity because of their capacity to […]

Exploring Bounding Box for Image Annotation

Image annotations are carried out for various machine learning models. Bounding box is used in image annotation for computer vision tasks. For preparing machine learning training datasets, this box type annotation enables AI programs to learn and recognize objects in the physical world. In the bounding box image annotation, rectangular […]