Safety At Construction Sites With Drones

Businesses, the world over are introducing some major transformations in operational capacities and deliveries and are going through a transformational phase. The need for broadening the spectrum of services has escalated. The construction sector is expanding exponentially and adopting cutting-edge practices for augmenting various on-site capabilities and making sites safe […]

The Safety Framework in Autonomous Cars

Ever wondered how the vehicular safety framework has been defined in autonomous vehicles? Till now we have heard of the ADAS – Advanced driver-assist system and the related five levels of autonomy. However, there is an underlying safety mechanism that works from inside in self-driving vehicles. Having been tested and […]

Importance of Bounding Box Annotation in Object Detection

Object detection is making inroads into a variety of industries, with applications ranging from personal security to office productivity. Many applications of computer vision use object detection and recognition, including image retrieval, security, surveillance, autonomous vehicle systems, and machine inspection. Object Detection Object detection refers to a group of computer […]

Video Annotation in Machine Learning and AI

Video annotation, like image annotation, aids in the recognition of objects by modern machines using computer vision. Detecting moving things or objects in videos and making them identifiable using frame-to-frame. For example, a 60-second video clip with a 30 fps (frames per second) frame rate, has 1800 video frames, which […]

Why Social Media Content Moderation is Crucial for Businesses

Freedom of speech typically allows social media users to express their views on anyone and any possible topic without thinking much. There is no fixed way to object to any content if it is harmful or hurting the sentiments of individuals, religions, groups, etc. Sometimes the user frames the content […]

Why pixel accuracy is the future of the image annotation for Machine Learning?

Training of drones, autonomous vehicles, and other computer-vision based models needs annotated images and videos so that the machines can identify and interpret the object without much human intervention. The data which is fed in these machine algorithms to understand images and videos, text or audio created the need for […]

How AI in Security Cameras Provide One-stop Security Surveillance Solutions?

Public security and surveillance is becoming more important with the increase of crime and threats from illegal activities globally. But thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI) the public safety is becoming more expedient with security cameras that keep an eye on various activities and providing effective security and surveillance solutions. AI […]

What is AI Image Recognition & How Does it Work for Object Detection?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming intellectual as it is exposed to machines for recognition. The massive number of databases stored for Machine Learning models, the more comprehensive and agile is your AI to identify, understand and predict in varied situations. To perceive the world of surroundings image recognition helps the […]

Applications & Challenges with 3D Point Cloud Data for LIDARs

3D point cloud data is one of the most complex types of machine learning data used to generate the most useful training datasets for autonomous vehicles. LiDAR data is annotated with 3D point cloud annotation to make the objects more precisely detectable to a self-driving car. LiDAR & 3D Point […]

Artificial Intelligence in Dental Radiology & The Future of AI in Dentistry

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science that describes the research and development of computer-generated human intelligent behavior in machines. The whole process involves researching and machine learning training that enables a computer to develop intelligent behavior and work independently while solving relevant problems. Actually, AI is becoming […]