Role of Image Annotation in Applying Machine Learning for Precision Agriculture

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is getting integrated into vital fields making human life more efficient and productive. Similarly, AI in agriculture is making agriculture and farming easier with computer vision-based crop monitoring and production system. AI Robots, drones and automated machines are playing a big role in harvesting, ripping, health monitoring […]

Top Data Labeling Challenges Faced by the Data Annotation Companies

Data labeling is not a task, it requires lots of skills, knowledge and lots of effort to label the data for machine learning training. And for visual perception model needs annotated images to train the computer vision algorithm helping the model to recognize the various objects recognizable. However, while labeling […]

Applying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Robotics with Right Training Data

Robots were the first-known automated type machines people got to know. There are was a time when robots were developed for performing specific tasks. Yes such machines were earlier developed without any artificial intelligence (AI) to perform only repetitive tasks. But now the scenarios are different, AI in getting integrated […]

Why Self-driving Cars Taking Too Much Time: Challenges of Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles, especially self-driving passenger cars are like a dream when it will become come true. Yes, I’m talking about the time full-fledged deployment of artificial intelligence into a car that can run automatically on the busy road in various scenarios, without driver’s assistance avoiding all the objects making the […]

How Satellite Imagery Dataset Used in Artificial Intelligence: AI Applications for Satellite Imagery

Satellite images can capture the wide-angle viewing area from the distant height making it easier for artificial intelligence applicable to various fields. And AI applications using the satellite images can learn to predict various scenarios after analyzing the situation from satellite imagery datasets that are specially created for AI models. […]

How to Improve AI Security Camera Performance with Image Annotation Services?

The use of security cameras in home security and round-the-clock surveillance become more popular among people globally. And keeping an eye around your house is important to keep your home and family members safe from theft, robbery, crime and access of any other type of unauthorized person that can harm […]

What are the Types of Diagnostic Imaging Used for AI in Medical Diagnosis: Use Cases

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have enough potential to make various tasks in the healthcare industry possible with accurate performance. Patient’s timely disease diagnosis and the right decision is an important part of hospitals to improve the overall healthcare system. Medical imaging is playing a vital role in diagnosing […]

How To Improve Machine Learning Model Performance: Five Ways

Machine learning development would be not difficult for ML engineers, but ensuring its performance is important to get accurate and most reliable results. Though, there are various methods you can improve your machine learning model performance. Basically developed on python, machine learning models need to develop while considering the various […]

How AI Robots Used in Medical Field: Types of Robotics in Healthcare

Robots are one of the first-born automated machines, develop to perform various actions helping humans to complete various daily or repetitive tasks in a short span of time. And now using machine learning, robotics developers are building the AI robots that can better understand the various scenarios and work more […]

How Big Data & AI is used in Healthcare System to Combat Coronavirus Outbreak?

Coronavirus or scientific name COVID-19, is one the most deadly virus of the century infected more than half of the millions and killed tens of thousands of people globally. Being declared a pandemic by WHO, this infection is spreading among the people at a very fast speed, bringing down the […]