How to Improve Computer Vision in AI for Precision Agriculture

Agriculture – the food generating sector is one of the leading occupations among the people in rural areas lacks due to underdeveloped methodologies or use of outdated know-how. But now AI in agriculture is boosting this sector using the power computer vision technology, to train the machines for better productivity […]

How to Improve Computer Vision in Autonomous Vehicles using Image Annotation Services?

Self-driving cars need more precise visual training to detect or recognize the objects on the street and ride in the right lane to avoid collisions. Actually, autonomous vehicles can visualize the entire scenario of the natural environment to take action while running on the road. And to perceive the different […]

How AI is Changing the Retail Industry: Role and Impact with Use Cases

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in retail is changing this industry by playing a crucial role in the various key divisions. From design, to manufacturing, logistic supply chain and marketing, AI in retail is playing a big role in transforming this industry. Actually, in the age of digitalization, AI and machine learning […]

Why Data Annotation is Important for Machine Learning and AI?

Data annotation is the process of making the contents available in various formats like text, videos and images, recognizable to machines. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) companies are seeking such annotated data to train their ML algorithm learn the patterns and memorize the same for predictions. Actually, to […]

How To Ensure Quality of Training Data for Your AI or Machine Learning Projects?

A poor quality training data for your machine learning model is not good from any angle. And until you feed the right data your AI model will not give you the accurate results. If you train the computer vision system with incomplete data sets it can give disastrous results in […]

How To Label Data For Semantic Segmentation Deep Learning Models?

Labeling the data for computer vision is challenging, as there are multiple types of techniques used to train the algorithms that can learn from data sets and predict the results. Image annotation is the method annotate the images containing the object of interest to make the same recognizable to machines. […]

How Semantic Segmentation & Landmark Annotation Improves Facial Recognition?

Facial recognition is becoming important for many companies to improve the security surveillance or detect the faces of people for various purposes like identifying the person for unlocking the smartphones or detect the facial expressions of drivers for alerting them through ADAS for safe driving. Facial recognition for computer vision […]

How To Select Suitable Machine Learning Algorithm For A Problem Statement?

Choosing the right machine learning algorithm for training a model is one of the biggest challenge for the AI engineers to make sure their efforts become successful. Actually, ML algorithm depends on various factors like process of model training and availability of the training data used to train the model. […]

Five Reasons Why You Need To Outsource Your Data Annotation Project

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) development is mainly rely on training data sets, that helps the AI or ML algorithms to detect the objects and learn certain patterns for future predictions. And acquiring the labeled or annotated data is the real challenge for the companies they many times […]

A Complete Image Annotation Solution for Object Detection in AI and Machine Learning

AI and machine learning are completely relying on training data to develop a model for real-life application. The training data directly relates to a properly labeled supervised data basically available in annotated image form for computer vision object detection. Without such data it is not possible to train the model […]